Monday, December 18, 2006

Importance of Project Planning:

Project Planning is very critical for any successful project. Starting a project without project planning is like traveling in a car without a driver. For any successful project accomplishment, a proper plan must be put in place, before we start our interesting part -Coding..

Important phase of project cycle are as follows:

Planning: This is the phase where we start to think, how our application should work.We define different components and sub-components etc. This is the phase where we design classes and decide about the object interactions.

Coding: This is the phase where we start to write codes to make our planning a reality. We must should code per the coding guidelines and project planning.

Testing: Now testing can be further broken into:
a) Component Testing: When in a project we have many components involved we start component level testing, just to make sure that the components' requirement is meet.

b) System Testing: This testing is possible when all the components are ready and components can talk to each other. Here we test the whole system as a whole.

Of course we can go deeper and deeper in Development Life Cycle. And more we follow better it is. But at least we should follow the phases we discussed.

Will be back with some more information next time.

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