Saturday, December 16, 2006

This article is for the new PHP programmers who believes in "better coding practice"

Always before setting up a project, team should release "Project Structure Guidelines".

This guidelines are a way of defining the structure and appearance of the code that team is going to write for a given project. The guide line should focus on the areas like:

1. Describing the method and the style to be followed.

2. Class Definition Conventions to be followed.

3. Variable naming conventions to be followed.

4. Constant naming conventions to be followed.

5. Directory/Folder structure to be followed including the naming conventions.

6. Commenting Styles to be followed

7. Header and Footer structure to be followed.

8. Variable scope and globalization.

9. Documentation Structure.

and so on.
This guideline should act as a formal document and should be referred by each team member during the project.

I hope this guide line will be helpful.

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